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Conveyancing Fee

Conveyancing Fee

We are Perth based professional property lawyers who can help with your house purchase and/or sale.

The process of conveyancing/property settlement requires you to meet contractual and statutory timeframes. You can rest assured that we are working hard in the background to help you meet the contractual deadlines. Our aim is to help you through the settlement process so it goes as smoothly as possible.

What does a conveyancer or property settlement agent fee include? 

Typically, a conveyancing or property settlement fee includes:

  1. Conveyancer's service fee for helping you settle your house purchase/sale
  2. Transfer registration fee
  3. PEXA fee (an online platform for settlement)
  4. Government and regulatory fees such as:
    • Landgate Title Search
    • Government enquiry fees - Landgate, Water Corporation, Local Council and the Department of Finance
    • Strata company search fee (if required)
    • Bank cheque fees (if required)

You will also need to pay transfer (stamp) duty if you are purchasing a property.  You can calculate it here.

West Perth Legal's Property Settlement Advantage

  1. Fixed fee for conveyancing/property settlement
  2. Competitive market rates
  3. We do not charge for extra disbursements
  4. Government search fees and PEXA fee are charged out at cost
  5. Professional property lawyers ready to help you with your purchase/sale contract

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