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Our price guarantee to you

"You will NOT be asked to pay for our services unless you first agreed to the price, payment terms and scope of work."

There are various options available to clients when engaging a lawyer. We can help you determine the best option for your needs and budget. Below is a summary of the three engagement options we offer.

1. Fixed fees

West Perth Legal values transparency and certainty in the way we price our legal services. That’s why, wherever possible, we agree with our clients a fixed price for an agreed scope of work before we start work. We believe this is fairer and provides greater value for our clients.

The process begins with a free 15-minute initial telephone consultation where we identify your needs, the scope of work and what we think you need from us to complete the job. After that, we will provide you with a Fixed Fee proposal (where possible). With your agreement to the pricing proposal, we will commence work. You will not be charged anything more than the agreed price for the agreed scope of work.

FAQs on fixed fees

If I have been quoted a fixed fee, do I need to pay extra?

In our experience, our quotes are an accurate estimate of what you need to pay to complete the job.

Circumstances where additional fees may be accrued are unforeseen third-party costs that are not charged by us (such as government fees), if the matter goes beyond the scope of work initially agreed or if specific assumptions become untrue.

We do not charge printing or file opening fees.

If the scope of work changes, what happens?

If the scope of work changes, we will quote you for the additional work before commencing the further work.

2. Traditional engagement

In certain circumstances, where the scope continuously changes, or the timeframe of the work is uncertain, fixed fees may not be feasible. In these situations, it may be more cost effective and efficient for you to engage a Lawyer on an hourly basis.

The process of traditional engagement is similar to the process outlined in the ‘fixed fee’ section except that you will receive a fee estimate instead of a fixed-fee quote.

3. Retainer

If you require regular ongoing legal support, a retainer arrangement can help you contain legal costs, manage your legal risks before they arise, and have a lawyer on-call who is committed to your business.

We will meet with you to understand your business’s needs and provide you with competitive rates for ongoing legal support. We are flexible with our retainer levels and will adjust in accordance with your budget and needs.

Contact us to receive a tailored retainer agreement for you.

Book a free initial phone consultation and receive answers to all your legal questions