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Legal Services for Commercial Landlords & Leasing Agents

Legal Services for Commercial Landlords & Leasing Agents

Legal Services for Commercial Landlords & Leasing Agents


Are you a landlord or leasing agent in need of expert legal assistance for your commercial leasing? At West Perth Legal, we specialise in providing comprehensive legal services tailored specifically for commercial properties, including offices, retail shops, commercial and industrial properties. Our experienced commercial lease lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that your interests are protected.

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Legal Services for Commercial Landlords and Leasing Agents
Commercial Property Lawyers

About Us

At West Perth Legal, we understand the unique challenges commercial landlords face. Our comprehensive legal services and dedicated support ensure your leasing agreements are robust, your interests are protected, and the potential for disputes are minimised.


Our experienced commercial leasing lawyers regularly prepare and examine leases for commercial properties. We offer a comprehensive range of services including drafting new leases, negotiating leases on your behalf, providing ongoing legal support throughout the lease term and advising on default, termination and enforcement issues should they arise.  We are pragmatic and commercial in our approach.

Attention to Detail

It is vital that a lease document contains accurate information of the lease details as it can affect rental payments and tenant obligations. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and ensuring that the lease document reflects the agreement between the parties as submitted to us.

Responsive Lawyers

We are a boutique firm that is specialised and is client focused. You will find that our lawyers are responsive and provide clear timeframes for the delivery of our services. We understand that our clients often juggle many demands, and we aim to be as efficient in our communication as possible.

Price Certainty

We offer fixed fees for regular leasing services at a competitive market rate. You will not be charged for services without your prior approval. We also offer complimentary 15-minute initial consultation should you wish to speak to a lawyer before you commit.

Commercial Leasing Legal Services

New Lease

Heads of Agreement for lease preparation

Commercial lease agreement preparation

Retail lease agreement & disclosure statement preparation

Sublease preparation

Lease legal review & negotiation

Existing Lease

Lease renewal preparation

Lease extension preparation

Lease assignment preparation

Lease variation preparation

Lease surrender preparation

Sublease legal advice & sublease preparation

Targeted lease advice consultation

Legal advice on rent review clauses

Legal advice on ‘first right of refusal’ & ‘options to purchase leased premises’ clauses

Legal advice on redevelopment clauses


And more…

Lease End & Disputes

Legal advice on lease default

Legal advice on lease termination

Notices of default or termination notices preparation

Legal advice on 'make good' clauses



Commercial Property Lawyers

We have helped hundreds of clients with their commercial leasing needs.

Contact us for an obligation free quote or speak to our Property Lawyer for a confidential and complimentary discussion.

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Fixed Fees For Regular Documents
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