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Wills and Estates

A Guide to the Process of Selling a Business

The motivation behind selling a business can stem from various reasons. For instance, an offer to purchase the business could prompt consideration. Alternatively, selling might be necessary to invest in a new venture or prepare for retirement. On the other hand, the desire to relinquish ownership of the business could be the driving force behind…

A Guide to The Process of Buying a Business

Buying an existing business can offer several advantages over starting a new business from scratch, such as an established customer base, existing operations, established financials and potentially lower risks. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure that you are making a sound investment and that the business aligns with your…

When Should You Review Your Will?

If you have made a will, you have taken an important step in preserving your property for your family or other beneficiaries.  We recommend that you review your will every two years and consider whether it is affected by a major event that may revoke your will or otherwise affect it. We will explore some…